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Instructions for Windows 8

Before you start configuring your Windows 8 for Eduroam make sure your computer’s wireless network card drivers are up to date.

The data used in the example below is fictional so replace it with your own during the installation process.


First you need to transfer the Arnes root certificate “arnes_eduroam_ca.cer” on to your computer. It can be found on the Arnes’ ftp server. You can do this by using a web browser (in our example we used Internet Explorer).

The window below opens:

Click on button “Open“. After dowload security warning appears on which click “Open“.

New window opens with certificate information. To install certificate click on “Install Certificate…

The Certificate Import Wizard starts, select “Current user” as Store Location  and click on “Next“.

Select “Place all certificates in to the following store” and click on button “Browse…“.

Select “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” and press “OK“.

Verify selected Certificate store and press “Next“.

Security warning appears where you can verify importing certificate thumbprint. Click “Yes“.

Click “Finish“.

If import was successful, message below appears. Click “OK“.

If certificate is successfully imported new network connection can be created for Eduroam network. Open main Windows screen.

With left mouse button click on main screen and click on “All apps” which is located in bottom right corner of the screen.

Find and open “Control panel“.

Select “Network and Internet“.

Create new wireless profile. Click on “Set up a new connection or network“.

Type in Network name “eduroam“, select Security type “WPA2-Enterprise” and Encription type “AES” then click “Next“.

Click on “Change connection settings“.

In Wireless Network Properties Windows select second tab Security and as network authentication select “Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)” and click “Settings“.

In Protected EAP Properties tick “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate” and in Trusted Root Certification Authorities list tick Arnes root CA: “Arnes CA za streznike Eduroam“. In Notification Before Connecting select “Don’t ask user to authorize new servers on trusted CAs” and in Authentication Method parameters select “Enable Fast Reconnect” and “Enable Identity Privacy” and leave the filed next to option empty. Click “OK“, “OK” again and then “Close“.

The configuration of wireless profile is done now only the connection follows. Click on wireless icon on desktop.

Select “eduroam” wireless network and click on “Connect“.

Type in your User name and Password for your eduroam account and click “OK“.

The setup of eduroam connection is completed. If all steps were properly set, the connection will be established automatically.


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