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Tuesday, 12. 1. 2016 13:47

Starting the New Year with a renovated web page

Visitors of the Arnes web page will notice some novelties, among which is a renovated design, but a very important change happened in the background. The web page was moved to Arnes Splet, a platform that is based on the most popular solution in the world – WordPress. Arnes Splet is user-friendly, quick and simple […] več...

Friday, 10. 4. 2015 15:11

ARNES 2015 Conference – Safe and Comfortable e-learning (27 May 2015)

So now we will also have “electrical” school bags. And given the fact that ARNES is also involved in the e-School Bag project, this is a good enough reason to give this year’s ARNES Conference(conference registration) within the framework of the SIRikt a slightly more educational bent. Teaching at all levels through the use of […] več...

Tuesday, 2. 12. 2014 15:15

Network of Knowledge 2014 Connecting 250 Slovenian Network Experts

On Friday, 28 November 2014, 250 Slovenian IT and computer experts from the faculties and laboratories of all Slovenian universities, research institutions, primary and secondary schools, as well as school centres and cultural organisations took part in the ARNES Network of Knowledge 2014 conference to gain new knowledge and share experiences. At the conference held […] več...

Tuesday, 18. 11. 2014 15:00

The President Decorates ARNES

On 17 November 2014, the President of the Republic of Slovenia decorated ARNES with the Order of merit for development and research in the field of introducing new information and communications technologies in Slovenia (reasoning). ARNES was established 22 years ago as a national “academic network” and today connects over 1000 organisations with more than […] več...

Monday, 17. 11. 2014 9:00

Opening of the first free mass online course on safe internet use

On Wednesday, 12 November 2014, the first ARNES free mass online course on safe Internet use was launched. The course consists of short videos, interesting materials and quizzes and is intended both for beginner Internet users and those who are already familiar with safe Internet use. A three-week course allows you to choose your own […] več...

Monday, 26. 5. 2014 9:02

The 2014 ARNES Conference – An Exchange of Knowledge and Ideas

New ways of teaching proposed by the European Commission through the Opening Up Education initiative are introducing numerous new approaches, both from the perspective of using technology in education and to the concept of teaching itself. The main goal of this initiative is to provide learning environments and content that will be available to all. […] več...

Tuesday, 15. 4. 2014 11:08

You are invited to the ARNES 2014 Conference – Knowledge Transfer (28 May 2014)

As of today, registration for the ARNES 2014 Conference (programme) is open. The main theme of this year’s event will be the exchange of knowledge. Registration for the event, which will take place on 28 May 2014 in Kranjska Gora as a part of SIRikt 2014 conference, is possible on the conference web page. NO REGISTRATION […] več...

Monday, 2. 12. 2013 11:10

20 years of the Slovenian Web at the Network of Knowledge 2013 conference

Today, on Wednesday 27 November 2013, we held ARNES’ second Network of Knowledge conference and combined it with events celebrating 20 years of the Web in Slovenia. The Network of Knowledge is ARNES’ professional conference targeted at information technology and computer professionals in the fields of education, research and culture. At this year’s event we introduced […] več...

Monday, 28. 10. 2013 11:25

8th Slovenian IPv6 summit and the SINOG (Slovenian network operators group) initiative

The eighth Slovenian IPv6 summit was held on Tuesday 22 October 2013 in the Brdo Technology Park, Ljubljana, attracting over 100 experts from the wider communications network sector. Summit organisers the Go6 Institute, working with ARNES and LTFE, once again invited numerous foreign and Slovenian speakers. The theme of the summit – “I survived without […] več...

Wednesday, 15. 5. 2013 11:27

Mobile trends in education, research and culture at Arnes 2013 Conference

On 15 May 2013, the Arnes 2013 Conference in Kranjska Gora attracted a record number of ICT professionals in education, research and culture. The theme of this year’s conference was user mobility, and delegates had the opportunity to hear distinguished foreign and Slovenian speakers (video recordings). The importance of mobile applications was also recognised by […] več...

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