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ARNES receives the honourable Valvasor Award

Saturday, 10. 6. 2017 11:42

The Valvasor award ceremony for outstanding achievements in museum work carried out by the Slovene Museum Society presented the projects to the Slovenian public that have led the way in museum work over the past year.

The honourable Valvasor Award for the IR optics project, setting up optical connections for museums and galleries, was awarded to ARNES employees Marko Bonač, Avgust Jauk, Tomi Dolenc, Ksenija Furman Jug and Jože Hanc, and to Peter Sterle from the Information Society Directorate. The members of the Arnes technical team applied the highest level of technical knowledge when activating the IR optical connections.

During the EUR 14.5 million IR optics project , which was co-financed by the EU under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport together with Arnes purchased fibre-optic connections and active network equipment for 754 educational, science and cultural institutions.

A free and high-capacity infrastructure for museums and galleries

Institutes, also comprising 35 museums and galleries, gained free Internet access to the ARNES network with a minimum data transfer speed of 1 Gb/s. With the new, free and high-capacity infrastructure operated by ARNES, it was possible for museums and galleries to be able to take advantage of a wide range of new technologies. In addition, museums and galleries therefore saved millions of euros in these 25 years of free internet access.

A high-capacity fibre-optics connection was a prerequisite for the uninterrupted operation of the advanced and free-of-charge ARNES services, which require fast connections to be in place. ARNES helps museums and galleries host virtual servers and use remote drives to store security backups, create websites on the Arnes Splet (WordPress), provide multimedia services, run e-mail hosting services, set up the Eduroam wireless network and provide many other services.


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