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New SIX.SI – Slovenian Internet eXchange website

Wednesday, 11. 5. 2022 20:04

Introducing the new SIX.SI – Slovenian Internet eXchange website, featuring a modern look, informative content and a better user experience for SIX.SI members.

What is SIX.SI?

SIX.SI provides a local exchange of IPv4 and IPv6 traffic between Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Providers (CPs) and Hosting Providers (HPs). SIX.SI therefore enables faster and more streamlined traffic exchange between members and can significantly reduce the distance that data must travel from the content provider to the user.

One of the first IXPs of its kind in Europe

SIX.SI was launched by ARNES in Ljubljana in February 1994, in order to meet the needs of traffic exchange between the ARNES network and commercial internet providers. SIX.SI was one of the first IXPs of its kind in Europe, and the operation and development of the service has been an ongoing activity of ARNES since then.

Do not forget to check out the interesting graphical presentation of SIX.SI traffic statistics.


  +386 1 479 88 00
(working days, 8 AM–4 PM)