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RIPE NCC Event: Internet History of Ex-Yugoslavia

Friday, 8. 4. 2022 12:15

RIPE NCC is organising a South East Europe regional meeting in Ljubljana in cooperation with ARNES and SINOG. The event will take place on 11-12 April and will gather network engineers, regulators, academics and other technical staff to share knowledge and experiences and to identify areas for regional cooperation.

History of Internet in the region

The RIPE NCC is proud to bring a very special panel session on the history of Internet development in the region. The session celebrates the work of Internet pioneers in ex-Yugoslavia and is the first gathering of its kind at the RIPE NCC’s Regional South East Europe Meeting (SEE 10) taking place on Monday, 11 April 2022.

Today, it is clear the Internet is of great importance to people’s lives, businesses and to society. The history of how the Internet came to be and the infrastructure behind it is both internfascinating and inspirational.

RIPE NCC Community Builder Vesna Manojlovic said: “As an active participant in the early days of the Internet in the region, I am excited to hear the stories from panel members. This is hopefully just the first of a series of historical overviews of Internet developments in the region. Although these histories seem ancient in Internet years, they are incredibly relevant today since we are again struggling with keeping communications flowing and keeping the Internet open in Europe.”

Avgust Jauk from ARNES will walk us through the technical setup of the first Internet server at the time.

ARNES, a co-host of the event, is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022. During its 30 years of operation, ARNES has made a significant contribution to the digitalisation of Slovenian society.

Join the panel discussion, online or in person

Panel date: Monday, 11 April 2022
Time: 17:00 (UTC+2)
Venue: Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana
Attendance is free
For more details and to register for the event, visit:
Everyone will be able to follow the webcast on YouTube at:

Full panel details

Technical history of Internet Infrastructure in ex-Yugoslavia

Mira Tasić, RNIDS, RS
– Avgust Jauk, Arnes, SI
Darko Bulat, First Croat Internaut
Željko Drašković, MIXP, ME
Wam Kat, ZaMir
Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC
– Chaired by: Slobodan Markovic, UNDP


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